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Network Penetration Testing

HackerSploit’s experienced penetration testers work as an independent team and identify any vulnerabilities and data security risks that enterprises may have. A complete report of risks, as well as plans for the fixing of these weak defenses and related validations are created for the specific enterprise to follow. We enable you to enhance your security posture, reduce risk, facilitate compliance and improve operational efficiency.

Red Team Assessments

Our adversarial attack simulation tests how an organization performs against real-world cyber-attacks. They detect strengths and weakness using numerous combined techniques including open source intelligence, phishing, social engineering, and network and application attacks.

The HackerSploit Red Team Assessment emulates a full attack lifecycle, from reconnaissance to full attack simulation. We simulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures of a real-world targeted attack without the business damaging consequences.

Web Application Pentration Testing

Our Web Application Penetration testing follows OWASP Top 10 (Open Web Application Security Project) standards to ensure that we identify any weaknesses that could allow an attacker to compromise your application or the data stored on it. Our reports provide deep insight into weaknesses that an attacker can exploit to gain access or ex filtrate confidential data.

Cloud Penetration Testing

HackerSploit helps organizations get a thorough security check of the existing security apparatus, with complete scrutinizing and auditing the third-party cloud service provider before the organization migrates to the Cloud. HackerSploit offers pre-cloud and posts cloud migration security consulting to ensure that the right controls are enforced.

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HackerSploit is aimed at protecting companies and businesses from the ever-growing threat of hackers, data breaches, malware, and ransomware.

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